LOVE shows up

It’s so hard for me at times to share emotions, and although I’m hiding behind a screen and keyboard, this is still hard for me to do. All my life I’ve been taught to love, serve, and be grateful, but to not talk about it. A bit weird, huh? Humility, in my mother’s eyes, is one of the most beautiful characteristics an individual can possess. So here I am struggling to share this. I’ve even had anxiety about it. But a struggle is usually a sign of a good, important process unfolding, right? A sign of something that needs to be unpacked and explored. I’m thankful for my struggles with WeAreDAR lately. Because lately we have been pushed beyond limits we didn’t even know existed.

Not sure if you remember me struggling to continue the project simply because we had no funds. We had the heart, the courage, and perseverance to continue, but by no means has it been easy. A month ago, Crista boarded a plane to Haiti all by herself to begin the manufacturing process with our women in Ti-Bouk. I wanted more than anything to be there a portion of the time. This project, my baby if you will, that we had been working so hard towards was finally beginning for our Haitian community, and I couldn’t be there. I cried. Hard. I had to trust that God had our best intentions in place.

Crista, who just recently graduated from college, was off alone for an entire month with no one but our Haitian family, leaving behind all the comforts of home to make it happen for these people. A huge part of me also feels responsible for those who work with our project, and, naturally, my mommy instincts kicked in. I needed someone to be there with her. It couldn’t be me because we truthfully didn’t have the money. So we needed someone who could not only fund-raise their way down, but take time out of their work schedule. And again I prayed hard. And just like I said in the beginning, love just shows up.

Taylor, who has been a God-send, stepped up to the plate and on a whim, purchased her tickets and off she went for two weeks to help Crista and our Haitian Community. And just like that things began falling into place. Although I had one obstacle taken care of now I needed to raise funds to pay everyone in Haiti. I recall swiffering the house one evening after dinner and breaking down from the feeling of defeat. I know Jeremy thought I lost my noodle….which I did, but he just held me and let me cry it out. I felt horrible for tapping into so much of our personal funds for our Haitian women. Was this even fair or was it selfish of me? I struggled more than most know, getting no sleep and working feverishly to make something happen.

Off Taylor went to spend two weeks with Crista and the women, helping manufacture this very first collection. Shortly after dropping her off at the airport on a Sunday morning, I felt the urge to pray on the ride back home. I asked God to help us. Day after day we were showing up and were just willing to love and serve those with no hope, but we needed funds to actually pay our team fairly, as well as other expenses involved, and we literally had BIG FAT ZERO’s in the bank. I asked him to place someone, something, an opportunity in our paths, and I kid you not, that same minute my phone alerted me of an email and the subject was, “WeAreDAR”. An angel was put in our path and wanted to help us put together a fundraising luncheon. The following week we hosted the luncheon and raised the exact amount needed to make this life changing opportunity available for our Haitian families in Ti-Bouk, Haiti.

Crista comes back on Saturday. I am beyond thankful for her, Taylor, and all others who work so hard to help us out… You know who you are. This first collection has taught me that God shows up through the hands of his people when we’re drowning in the darkness. From despair to hope. From brokenness to redemption. It’s real life and real faith. And just like Bob Goff would say, “To choose love opens our hearts, which amplifies our internal energy. We see more, feel more and connect more. We bring in greater events and people into our lives. We are intrinsically happy which inspires greater happiness and opportunities. It is an upward cycle.” Thank you all for your continued love, support, and for simply showing up.



aDARable in ATL


This weekend the WeAreDAR team packed our bags and headed down to Atlanta, GA to be a part of the Apparel Market. This was our very first time at any event like Market (and my first time in Atlanta – hello, Gladys’ Chicken & Waffles!) and we were so happy to meet all our new buyers! The unique and wonderful thing about WeAreDAR and our line, aDarable, is that it truly tells a story. It was encouraging to hear buyers taking notice of not only our beautiful products but also to see them really listen to the whole purpose of the line. We now will have aDARable sold in 5 new stores and you can’t help but just feel this good energy continuing to build around this project.

– Tiffany


As of yesterday I’ve found myself in the super excited/super stressed mode most people find themselves in before taking a big trip! When you know you have SO much to get done before you leave that all you want to do is just crawl in bed and quit life but your excitement for your upcoming excursions keeps you going…that’s exactly where I’m at.

You can imagine the lists I make with my Type-A personality..and my Target/Walmart list was nothing short of OCD. I began my hunt for DEET, SPF 1000 sunscreen, Lysol wipes, traveling toothbrush cases, etc. feeling a little overwhelmed. But as I took my time strolling down each aisle, I began to have fun with my “To-Buy” list. With every item I found, I began imagining myself in Haiti and how/when/where I would be using that product. As I contemplated my choices in the candy aisle for a solid 10 minutes, I couldn’t help but imagine meeting and loving all the Haitian children in Ti-Bouk and how excited they would be for a little taste of American treats. I eventually decided on 2 three pound bags of tootsie-rolls and lifesavers…American classics.. 😉

But as I began to imagine my upcoming trip, the stress began to fade and pure excitement started to enter. I just want to rush through the next 48 hours and meet my team at the airport! I honestly don’t know what this trip will bring but I couldn’t be more excited to be on such a wonderful adventure with such amazing people! We are truly getting to live out our dream of empowering women in 3rd world countries, and we’re starting with Ti-Bouk, Haiti!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin our world adventures! We can’t thank you all enough for your support through this journey! We have been hard at work for almost a year now on aDARable, but the truth is, we are only just beginning! So excited to see where our adventures take us!

Excited to start our globe trotting!