Exciting Happenstance

Happy Monday aDARable ones!

Super excited to update everyone this morning! This week has some very exciting things in store for DAR Project

Last week we were notified from O’More College of Design that some of the samples from our aDARable children’s clothing line were ready for us to see! We couldn’t have been more excited to get a glimpse at what the students at O’More had prepared…we obviously had high expectations but we could not have been prepared for how precious and perfect this line is becoming!  We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a college that produces such talented student designers. Being able to see a sneak peak of aDARable has gotten us SO excited for this upcoming Thursday!

In a couple days the DAR team will get to meet with O’More for the FINAL PRESENTATION! This seems crazy to us! It feels like just yesterday we were meeting with the students and staff at O’More for their first presentation where they were simply presenting their ideas to us via sketches and fabric boards. We know how hard they have been working to get this line finished but we can’t believe it’s already time! On Thursday the students will show us everything they have accomplished in past months and how they have brought their ideas on paper to real life. This is the last time we will get to see the aDARable line before it is presented at the O’More Fashion Show on May 10th!

To add to the excitement, the fashion line wasn’t the only sneak peak we got last week! We decided a while back that we needed some professional skills to help vamp up the DAR website. We have had 2 great graphic designers working on our internet page for a while now and last week we got to preview the initial page of our new website. We are so in love with the color pallets, fonts, layout, the whole new design in general is more than we had ever hoped for! And the best news of all is that the countdown has begun for you all to experience our new look!

This is definitely going to be a fun weekend for the DAR team and everyone that is involved! We will continue to keep y’all updated! And don’t forget, we are still trying to raise the $67,000 to get our project fully up and running! If you feel it in your heart to donate to this beautiful cause, please visit http://www.darproject.wordpress.com and click on the link to the left! No amount is too small!

We are thankful for you all and are so excited to be on this journey together!


Until sooner,



Don’t accumulate possesions; accumulate experiences.

I’ve been struggling recently with why I’m pursing this dream/calling.  There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t be doing this.  Let’s see…raising $67,000 to potentially save and change lives is beyond me… right.  I’m a mother of two little girls, 3 and almost 5.  I’m a wife. I have a full time job.  I don’t have any special talents.  I don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to fund this massive project.  I’ve never pursued a dream this BIG…and the list goes on.  But I only needed one reason to do it: I was called.

In retrospect it’s all been worth it already.  I’ve met some beautiful souls.  Sweet Taylor, who is helping us with our fundraising and who has become like a little sister. All 7 student designers.  Jamie, who believed in this vision from the very beginning and created the class at O’More. The wonderful friends from Our Lady of the Lake who took me to Ti-Bouk, Haiti for the first time, and have helped me in ways I never imagined. And then there is Annette, who I truly don’t have words to describe.  She has devoted her entire heart and soul to this cause of empowering student designers and women in extreme need.  I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful, kind hearted, smart, charismatic, mentor behind me though it all.

I asked one of the student designers to write about her experience in designing for a cause.  Maarika Mann, like the other 6 students is beyond talented.  She was kind enough to share her side.  Before I share with you her story I wanted to show you the beautiful faces designing aDARable.

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“Working with my team of awesome girls on aDARable has been an “a-ha” moment for me. The class came at a perfect time, Martha came at a perfect moment and Annette has been the glue to keep us all stuck together. I’m designing for a purpose. I’m giving back. And I’m making something aDARable as I do it! (pun placement intended)

Everything we did, starting with the research, the design boards, creating our target buyer, selecting materials,   the sweet little illustrations, everything has had a purpose. I feel like I have infinitely grown as a designer, and I have genuinely learned so much from Annette and my team of amazing product developers!

I hope to keep making a difference by using my single-minded determination that everyone should enjoy the most basic of human rights. Using our gifts in this class and extending it out to the world enriches everyone. Most specifically, we have all helped Martha provide these beautiful Haitian women with work, and sustainable work. I hope one day to meet them. Debuting the collection at the Eloise Fashion Show will be an amazing culminating event; but it will be extremely emotional too, and something I’ll never forget.”


We need YOUR help!

You can help us GIVE hope, and SUSTAIN life.  Just click on the image to your right to learn more.  We understand some of you might not be able to give, if that is the case please just help us spread the word!  We hope you enjoy and will want to spread the love of GIVING.  This is aDARable.

How you can help us!

After going to Ti-bouk, Haiti, we have interviewed and accepted 10 women to join our team and produce aDARable, The Concrete Pioneer Collection, which the students of O’More have created. In as little as one month, these 10 women will be going through a 30 day intensive sewing class to make sure our product is of competing quality.

We all have full-time jobs. However, this is a project we all feel extremely passionate about, so 100% of all monies received go into empowering the women in Ti-bouk, Haiti.

Below is a breakdown of all items and costs needed to make this project successful.  Our goal is to sell 750 pieces for our Spring 2014 line.  We need to raise around $67,000!

It’s a tall task to make and start a “factory” in a third world country, inside a city with no electricity and no running water. But it’s because of people like you, that our dream is becoming a reality.

(click here to view a breakdown of funds needed)

What happens when you purchase an aDARable outfit

Through sales, we fund our non-profit, DAR Project. That means that the purchase of aDARable clothing will do far more than just create jobs for these 10 women.  Our mission/vision is to create sustainable businesses for women globally, so that they are not dependent upon charity, but instead these women can become vital parts of their country’s developing economies.



Happenings in our DAR world

Hey y’all!

There has been quite a bit of craziness in our DAR world as of late (only in the best ways, of course) so I thought I would share with everyone!

Everyday seems to be a new learning experience with DAR Project. Who knew all the small details that go into starting a company and nonprofit?! I can tell you, I had no clue! Being that I studied lots of science and Spanish in college, I feel a little behind the learning curve when it comes to business and marketing. Luckily I am surrounded by the most beautiful, smart and patient team that continues to help me learn and grow with every passing day.

Last Saturday Martha, Annette and myself met at Panera Bread for 5+ hours! We talked about everything from supplies we still need for our team of women in Haiti, prices of supplies, prices of shipping supplies, how to get boutiques involved and interested in our aDARable clothing line, the fashion show we will be presenting at on May 10th, our next team trip to Haiti on July 26th..there is just so many amazing things in the works for us! We are so blessed and so thankful, but also just trying to take it task by task and day by day.

As if our to-do list isn’t long enough, we have been spending a good bit of our time on our Indiegogo Campaign, which will launch Tuesday April 2nd…TOMORROW! For those of you that aren’t familiar with this type of fundraising, there is a website you can upload your “campaign” on, share with everyone what you are raising money for and then you get a set amount of days to reach your goal. For us, we are trying to raise 67,000 in 45 days! HELP SPREAD THE WORD, Y’ALL!

Uploading your campaign to a website might not seem like the tallest task but with a team that has full time jobs outside of our work with DAR Project, it’s easier said than done! This is where I have to rave about Martha for a minute. Martha has a full time job, she’s a mother, wife, daughter AND the founder of our amazing nonprofit. She gives 120% of herself to every aspect of her life and even more of her heart and soul to DAR Project. I am so blessed to be working with a woman who is so inspiring and motivating in every possible way.

Although we know there is a lot ahead to make our DAR Dreams a reality, we are so thankful for the amazing progress we have made, the people that have continued to support us and “the big mans” continued direction. Eventually our team will be able to dedicate 100% of our time and lives to this amazing cause and for that we could not be more excited. Until then, we pray y’all help us to keep spreading the word of giving globally and maybe donate a little extra change to our Indiegogo Campaign!

Y’all are the best! Talk soon!