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We are humbled and super excited to be a part of whatโ€™s happening and what’s to come!

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Now it’s not just an idea anymore..

Nothing great comes easy.” -my sweet friend Kayla

I don’t know where to begin. For those of you following me on this journey I can finally say I have something tangible to write about!

You have to know the entire story to get my excitement. About 8 months ago we started DAR Project. The idea was to collect donations of clothing that still had a lot of life in them. We wanted to teach women the art of consignment. With the help of Amy and Michael with Women of the Forrest, we selected 15 women in Monteverde, Costa Rica, to start their own little micro economic business to better their situations. We shipped 2 thousand lbs of donations to these women in Costa Rica, to start their own little consignment business. We split them in groups of 5, so there were 3 groups. Each group collectively had a goal of earning $250 from sales. That is $50 for each woman. If you read below they made over $500! On their own, they decided if they met their goal of $50 per participant, any profit in excess they wanted to pay it forward to the women in Nicaragua awaiting the very same opportunity.

I truly am in awe. To say its been an amazing week for DAR Project is not enough. As I was preparing dinner for the girls tonight, Jeremy came in with a package from my sweet friend Kayla with Matilda Jane Clothing. Once I opened it I read her little note to me saying, “Nothing great comes easy.” It was a Matilda Jane Clothing publication titled, “Giving”. I opened it up and saw the story of DAR Project amoungst other truly inspiring stories of other projects MJC is empowering. I cried. (Yes, I am pms-ing a little! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Our work is not done. This is only the start of this reeeaaallly cool journey.

Stay tuned.

From Amy:
Hi Martha,

So great to hear from you!! Happy New Year as well. We finished up a busy season with retail shows and events and have been taking the month of January to recover ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been meaning to email you because the women in Monteverde held two sales so far and have profits of around $500 (after paying all of the women for their efforts). There are still lots of clothing and they are planning currently how to conduct a few sales over the next couple of months in the outlying towns where some of the women live. It’s been a great opportunity for entrepreneurship and bonding for all of them. Thanks to you!

I am still talking with Nicaragua and have plans to travel Feb or March there to work on ideas.


Meet the women and students behind aDARable!

Truth be told, throughout my entire adult life, I have followed callings to navigate my path. While most of the decisions I have made have not made logical sense to most, they all made sense to me internally. Do you know that feeling?

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled a lot lately feeling a huge gap between what I know in my heart that I am meant to do and where I actually am – in terms of my career and what I am doing in the world. I am on the path for sure, but have been feeling like, “How in the heck is this ever going to happen?”

These callings are actually indicating a path to my dharma — my sacred duty on earth, according to Buddhist philosophy.

Today I realized I’m on the right path. Today I met 8 beautiful creative souls, who have decided to join me in this journey to provide 10 women in Haiti (shown below) with a life changing opportunity.

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These amazingly talented young women, who are all students at O’More College of Fashion and Design, will be the students designing aDARable. aDARable will be a children’s clothing line , sizes 2t-6 designed and patterned by these 8 students with the guidance of their talented instructor Annette Medcalf, and produced with love, in Haiti by these beautiful ladies.

Just a couple weeks ago I was told this project wouldn’t work, because I’m a full time mom of 2, I have a full time job, etc. I’m ok with that because even if it doesn’t work out, in the end I met some incredible people and took a path only most would just think of and not actually pursue. In the end I am listening to my soul, pursuing my Dharma…

So without further adieu I present to you the students designing aDARable! I can’t wait to introduce you to each one individually very soon. It’s because of them this is even possible!
aDARAble class

Stay Tuned..