A Christmas of Hope

This was the first year I have spent Christmas without my parents. I was a bit upset about it and during church on Sunday, as I thought of them my eyes teared up. I miss them more than they know. I sometimes wish they lived closer, but if it weren’t for them living in Honduras I’m sure I wouldn’t have started my journey with DAR Project. On Friday my mom told me she was cooking masses of food to take to a small village where the people have nothing, it made my selfish thoughts of wanting to be with them go away. My Mom and Dad are my heroes. They have the most beautiful hearts and it’s because of them that I have this deep desire to DO SOMETHING. After their trip to feed this small village with their friends and family, my mom called me. She said to me, “Monchi, if I help you during your consignment sale, will you promise to give me all your clothing and shoe donations to send to these children?” She was asked numerous times by the children if they had any clothes or shoes…it’s beyond heart breaking.

In line for food

In line for food

That was all I needed to hear. So to all of the Consignment Mommies who donate to us, your clothing and shoe donations for the Spring/Summer consignment season will go to these precious faces in the pictures above and below. I can’t be more proud of my family and friends in Honduras. They exemplify the true meaning of Christmas.

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I’m going to Haiti!

I can’t believe I’m writing about this. Today it became official. I am going to Haiti in 2 months!! Wow. How great, how awesome is HE. I have prayed for that day in February for a long time and for all plans to be finalized it’s unreal. This trip will be about meeting these wonderful 10 women who will be designing our new children’s clothing line aDARable. Next month we will have 7 amazingly talented students from O’More College of Design begin their class, Designing for a Cause. It’s so unreal to think how much this project has come together. This project all started with a voice telling me to just go for it.  We are a young family of four, and like most families we have had our struggles.  Jeremy and I found ourselves really questioning how we were going to make it the next month, or the next. We relied on our faith. We have come through each time, and to think at the same time we were moving forward with DAR Project is unbelievable.  Is that not crazy? It goes to show the saying is true…
if he brings you to it..
There are still SO many unknowns, funding being a BIG one. I guess I am just going on faith again, somehow knowing everything will work out and this project will provide these women with HOPE, FAITH, and a new LOVE for life. More details to come soon.