“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” 

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I would say this quote sums up everything I am going to share with you.  I last blogged in August.  Jeremy and I had traveled to Pittsburg to deliver our first round of donations.  Since then, the 15 women in Costa Rica whom we have chosen to begin our sustainability program have just received the donations and will begin selling the donations later THIS MONTH…Can we get an Amen!!!

 I also had the wonderful privilege to meet a soul sister of mine whom God has put on my path…sweet Kayla and her best friend Helen.  Kayla is my angel  from Matilda Jane Clothing Company who sends us thousands of pounds of clothing, and we send those clothes to the women in our program.  Kayla and Helen were just as amazing as I had pictured them, and SO much fun too.  They will be forever lifelong friends.

 OK, back to the quote…Its obvious I’m a dreamer. I’ve had this vision/dream  in my mind of small, little “sustainability centers” in various countries in need.  My lifelong dream has been to give back in a BIG, HUGE way.   So on my own, and with lots of prayer, and J.C. in my life, I tried it. I took the first leap of faith.  As mentioned earlier, 15 women will be starting our sustainability program, but I wanted MORE for them. In my vision/dreams these “centers” had artisan women producing a beautiful children’s clothing line, and I would name it aDARable.  I’m crazy right?!  I would talk to as many people as I could about the idea, and each and every time I walked away knowing the other person thought I was…well, CRAZY.  Except for one of my best friends who mentioned I talk to her contact at this fashion school, and so I did.  

And I landed an appointment with the Director of O’More’s School of Fashion and Design and pitched my vision and dream. All I had was my heart, and I prayed she would see that my heart was pure and set on making this happen.  

Just this past Sunday, I received the following information.  I was a mess all day. Emotional to see it all come together and grateful for the opportunity….Dreams do come true and God really does answer prayers.  Looks like this girl is heading to Haiti/Nicaragua in January! We will need as much help as possible, so please help us spread the word on our fundraising campaign.  As soon as we finalize all details I will be sharing!  Xo

Fashion Department

New Elective for Spring 2013

DES 3380

Designing for a Cause

3 credits

Prerequisites: DES 2307, DES 2315 and enrolled in FAS 4463 for the Spring semester


The DAR Project is a non-profit institution that partners with consignment sales around the country to collect children’s and maternity items

for distribution to low income communities both domestically and abroad.  DAR also empowers locals to start their own small consignment sales as a way to provide income for their families and communities.  Women in countries like Haiti and Nicaragua are not encouraged to live independent lives-let alone become successful.

O’More will be partnering with DAR, and under the instruction of adjunct instructor, Annette Medcalf will create a children’s clothing line of ten outfits for aDARable.  The collection will be revealed at the 2013 Annual O’More Fashion Show on Friday, May 10.

Students will work in a team environment and present their ideas for the line to the founder of the DAR Project, Martha Montiel-Lewis.  Following the acceptance of the designs and silhouettes students will create the patterns and sew a sample line.

Students will also create a marketing plan for the collection in partnership with Martha.  

The patterns will be shipped to Haiti or Nicaragua and women will handle the production of the line.  Every time an item of aDARable is purchased, proceeds will go towards logistics and paying the women for their work.

***This is a great opportunity to think beyond yourself and give back to others.