It’s been a while huh?

I have refrained from posting any new blogs because quite frankly I didn’t know what to write about. I kept telling you about our first set of donations being sent to the women of the cloud forest, in Costa Rica, but we kept running into road blocks. And so I would pray. And pray. Wait. Complain. Pray. Wait. Ponder….. And finally BAM! God said yes.But, before I give you the story, I want to express how blessed and thankful I am for the people God has put in my life. Some of you are close friends, my best, Jeremy, Jenny, Jen…this would NOT be if it weren’t for you.  And then there are my Strangerships. Chrissy with ConsignmentMommies, Cyrus with the Become A Human Project, Amy with Women of the Cloud Forest, Costa Rica, sweet Kayla with Matilda Jane Clothing, and all the consignment organizers who have partnered with us, THANK YOU for believing and trusting in me and DAR Project.  I promise I keep thinking of a way for all of us to take a trip together with the purpose to impact lives.  Hopefully soon amigos y amigas.

Ok so back to my story.  About a month ago, I emailed Jenny, our Amazing LocaDAR. I was frustrated, and exhausted.  I wanted so badly to send over our donations to the 13 women we selected to go through this process of learning the art of sustainability through  our donations.  However, we hardly had the funds and it was extremely difficult trying to get a hold of a customs representative in Costa Rica.  I asked Jenny to research shipment with FedEx.  Almost at the same time, Amy, founder of Women of the Cloud Forest,whom we partnered with, emailed us asking if she could help.  We told her our situation and she immediately suggested we look into DHL, whom she already uses to ship to and from her home in Pittsburgh to Costa Rica.  We received a quote, and then we had the problem of how we were going to get the boxes from Nashville to Pittsburgh.  And again with limited funds we were at another roadblock….

Now let’s talk about my husband Jeremy. As many of you know, he is a college basketball coach.  During the same time we hit our last roadblock of how we were going to get the items from Nashville to Pittsburgh, he received a phone call.  I realized it was an important phone call because he stepped outside.  Up until this point he has no idea I’m trying to figure out the logistics of getting our donations from Nashville to Pittsburgh.  He comes back inside and says, “Well Baby, I’ve got two studs wanting to leave Robert Morris University, to come play for our program.  Don’t be surprised if I need to make a road trip up to PITTSBURGH next week to help them move.”  And so yes.  I am not making this up, that totally happened the way I am telling you.

I had been praying so hard for God to give me a sign that he was with me on this journey.  I distinctly remember asking him for a slap in the face kinda sign.  I asked him to use me as a vessel to give HOPE and opportunity for the less fortunate.  I’ve had it in my heart for as long as I can remember, but so do so many other people and so yea, I’ve prayed.  When the going gets tough just like it had with our roadblocks, I asked for a sign and God could have not made it any more clear to me that he is indeed with us on this beautiful, hard, but rewarding journey.

We are now on our way back from Pittsburgh.  Amy and Michael were awesome!  We hugged, shed tears, I jumped up and down from excitement, and then hugged goodbye. A bitter sweet goodbye.  August 15th they will be heading to Nicaragua, then to Costa Rica on the 21st.  With them will be over 2000 lbs of donations for the Women of the Cloud Forest to start their new sustainability program with the donations you and I both collected for them.

This my friends…is just the beginning.

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